1st Annual Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month Hope=Life

This month, August 2019, the Fetal Health Foundation (FHF), along with maternal fetal centers and specialists across the United States are observing the first annual Fetal Syndrome Awareness Month. The purpose of this national campaign is to raise awareness about the “4000+ known fetal syndromes, offer hope to families diagnosed with a fetal syndrome and honor angels lost to a fetal syndrome.”

According to FHF, some fetal syndromes are:

  • Abdominal Wall Defect
  • Bowel Obstruction
  • Chest Masses
  • Congenital Heart Block
  • Fetal Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Hemolytic Disease
  • Kidney, Bladder, and Genital Abnormalities.
  • Microcephaly-Zika
  • Rh Disease
  • Twin-to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

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Source: https://www.fetalhealthfoundation.org/fetal-syndromes/