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7 Strategies for Effective Communication Between Physician and Patient

A major problem reported by patients who receive primary care is how distant and transactional many doctors are during communication. One study has shown that this is likely correlated to whether doctors are facing malpractice suits or not. Effective communication is linked to healthy patients who trust their doctors and listen to them. Unfortunately, medical

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Brain Games Help with Dementia Prevention

According to the CDC, around 5.8 million people in the US suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias. 5.6 million are above 65 years old, no less. They also estimate that the number of Alzheimer’s patients will grow to 14 million by 2060. The truth is that dementia is one of the leading causes

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Social Justice in the Health Industry

The field of social justice ensures that every individual receives equalized rights and opportunities, including health-related rights. While the US places a lot of emphasis on increasing equality through social justice, inequality is still present. Even in the health industry, health disparities exist, and our job as physicians is to avoid this as much as

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Burnout Phenomenon in Physicians

Physicians are feeling the effects of professional burnout more than ever before. Even with a dedicated team nearby to help them, physicians are still feeling alone. This is caused by a plethora of factors but the most common denominator is the shift in how healthcare works. The healthcare system has become less personal and more

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Communication Best Practices for Difficult Diagnoses

Difficult diagnoses pose a serious problem for patients because of the stress attached to them. Depending on the diagnosis, it could result in significant lifestyle changes, painful or uncomfortable treatments, and a rupture of day-to-day activities. Mortality is also something that many patients might be confronted with in some cases. Physicians should try to approach

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How Can We Improve the Healthcare System?

The medical industry is not currently conducive to a value-base model. Instead, it floods doctors with paperwork and various administrative tasks that doesn’t allow them to get to know their patients and build a working relationship. Considering that burnout affects around 63% of all physicians these days, we need a better system that takes care

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5 Tips to Become a Better Leader as a Physician

It’s undeniable that physicians have to take on leadership responsibilities when it comes to guiding their team and taking proper care of patients. Unfortunately, medical school and residency do not emphasize leadership skill development. Far from it, in fact. This leads to a lack of skills and knowledge about leading a team, which translates to

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Value-Base Care as the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare system is run like a business at this point. The fee-for-service model is ever-present in every medical institution. But is that really beneficial for the patient? No, it’s not. Instead, the Value-Base Care (VBC) system has a patient-centric approach. It also helps doctors who no longer have to care about the business aspects

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