Primary Medical Care Center for Seniors Fort Lauderdale

Primary Care Medical Center for Seniors Fort Lauderdale
Primary Medical Care Center for Seniors Fort Lauderdale

Primary Medical Care Center is a medical care facility for seniors in Fort Lauderdale. Our team of primary care physicians conducts on-site health testing for elderly patients. If you or a loved one is a senior who needs their medications and overall health monitored regularly, we’re the medical center for you.

As we review your test results, we’ll collaborate with your medical specialists and ensure they receive up-to-date information about your health status. Once all your doctors have updated information on your health, they can administer proper treatments without delay. It will also save you the trouble of having to notify your doctors about your latest health status.

Call (954) 289-0000 or use our contact form to find more information or make an appointment. We also accept walk-in patients for all services related to medical care for seniors in Fort Lauderdale.

Top-Rated Senior Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale

Primary Medical Care Center is a top-rated and highly respected senior medical center in Fort Lauderdale. We’ve helped thousands of seniors stay healthy and live the longest lives possible in Fort Lauderdale. 

Our senior care services include:

  • General primary health care
  • Emergency care
  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • On-site medication distribution
  • Acupuncture
  • Cardiology
  • Behavioral health
  • Case management
  • Preventive medicine
  • Comprehensive wellness plans

If you’re a senior who needs primary care in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find the best of everything at Primary Medical Care Center. All of our patients are made to feel welcome. We value each person we serve and want them to be to feel as comfortable as possible. All the different senior care services we offer are a testament to that goal.

We offer the following senior care services:

Best Doctors for Fort Lauderdale Seniors

Every patient has different healthcare needs. We employ experienced doctors who work in various medical disciplines because we want to address all of our patients’ healthcare needs. Whether you require a behavioral health specialist or an acupuncturist, we’ve got you covered. That is why we’re one of the most sought-after medical centers in Fort Lauderdale.

Our doctors have earned an array of certifications, diplomas, and licenses to verify their credentials as medical professionals. Between them, they have many decades of experience.

Why Primary Medical Care Center Should Be Your Premier Choice

Primary Medical Care Center is a dedicated medical care center for seniors in Fort Lauderdale. We’re affordable and provide the highest quality care.

Economic times are tough, especially for seniors. Since healthcare and prescription drug costs are increasing every year, it’s imperative to find a senior care facility that offers inexpensive service and can regularly monitor your health.

Do you have health insurance? If so, we accept a variety of plans from reputable carriers. Depending on your policy, you’ll see a significant reduction in fees for our on-site senior care services with the right healthcare plan. Our accepted carriers include the following:

  • Aetna
  • AvMed
  • Preferred Care Partners
  • Sunshine Health
  • Medica Healthcare
  • Allwell
  • MMM of Florida
  • Florida Blue

If you have any questions about our services or would like to make an appointment, please call (954) 289-0000 or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.