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Massage Therapy for Seniors in South Florida - Miami, Broward, Palm Beach

Primary Care - Massage Therapy for Seniors in South Florida
Primary Medical Care Center Provides Massage Therapy for Seniors in South Florida

Primary Medical Care Center offers professional massage therapy services for seniors in South Florida. These are not standard massage therapy services where you relax on a table and get your muscles massaged. We have medically trained massage therapists who specialize in relieving the pain associated with chronic arthritis, aches, limited mobility, and other unfortunate physical issues.

Feel free to schedule a one-time visit or routine visits if you like our services. Consistent massage therapy sessions can help you reclaim your life by drastically reducing pain and letting you resume the activities you once loved.

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Top-Rated Massage Therapy for Seniors in South Florida 

Primary Medical Care Center has a top-rated massage therapy facility for seniors in South Florida. We have offered innovative and life-changing massage therapy services to seniors for over 25 years. The benefits of our senior massage services include:

  • Arthritis pain reduction
  • Better sleep quality / no more insomnia
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Alleviates tense muscles
  • Promotes faster healing from certain illnesses and injuries

Everyone responds to massage therapy differently. If you receive a physical examination from our primary care physician, they can consult with one of the massage therapists at our facility. Together, we will develop a suitable massage therapy regimen to target your specific physical and mental health conditions.

Massage therapy is not meant to cure any particular illness, but it is intended to lessen the pain and inflammation that you feel in your body. Our massage therapists will target your muscles and joints so that you can regain better control over them. With any luck, you’ll have the ability to perform everyday activities again without being in so much pain. 

Why You Should Choose Our Massage Therapy Services in South Florida 

Massage therapists are everywhere in South Florida. But if you have to make a choice, we hope you choose our massage therapy services in South Florida.  Primary Medical Care Center is so much more than a massage therapy facility. We are an entire medical center filled with specialists of many different medical practices and disciplines. When we treat our patients, it is a collaborative effort amongst all our experts.

If necessary, our massage therapists will consult with the other doctors and specialists that you’ve seen at our facility. It is the best way to determine which massage applications are suitable for your particular medical condition. Pain and stress relief are our top priorities when treating seniors with massage therapy services. 

Don’t worry about the costs of our massage therapy services. If you have Medicare or another health insurance plan, it may provide coverage for our services. Here is a standard list of the insurance carriers we accept:

  • Sunshine Health
  • Medica Healthcare
  • AvMed
  • Florida Blue
  • Aetna
  • Allwell
  • Preferred Care Partners
  • MMM of Florida

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your payment options and insurance plan details with our team. We’ll do whatever we can to suggest the most affordable option to you for our massage therapy services.

We Have the Best Massage Therapy for Seniors in South Florida

Primary Medical Care Center prides itself in employing some of the best massage therapists for seniors in South Florida. We make sure every massage therapist hired is fully qualified, with extensive education and several years of experience. Our high bar for excellence is meant to benefit our senior patients the most. We won’t be happy until your pain is reduced or eliminated.  

Are you interested in booking an appointment with a massage therapist in South Florida? Call (305) 751-1500 or use our contact form here if you’d like to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist at our facility.