5 Foods that improve the health of your heart

According to the World Health Organization, about 17.5 million persons die yearly from cardiovascular diseases. The Centre for Disease Control has also placed the number of persons that die heart disease-related deaths in the US as about 600,000. With the increasing occurrence of cardiovascular diseases which are noncommunicable and lifestyle diseases, more focus has been placed on the importance of maintaining a lifestyle that does not predispose one to the diseases, and diet is a major part of that lifestyle.

Certain foods are known to be unhealthy for the heart, as they give it more work which could lead to diseases. Here are some foods which keep the heart healthy.

 Olive oil

The Mediterranean diet which is known for being very healthy includes a lot of olive oil. Olive oil is also very healthy for the heart because it contains lower levels of cholesterol and is made of saturated fatty acids. If you must incorporate oils into your diet, you must do it the safe way, and olive oil is one of such safe ways. As you use olive oil, you should also be watchful of the calories


Avocados are good for the heart because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid. The component of avocados also increase the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol while also reducing blood triglycerides. Overall, the nature of avocados makes them very good for the heart, and they could substitute other elements of one’s diet.

Dark chocolate

Not all chocolates are bad as proven by dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a high level of cocoa and a low level of sugar. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants and is linked to the better functioning of the arteries, reduced risk of diabetes type 2 and reduced stress. Dark chocolate is also associated with reduced chances of high blood pressure. Although dark chocolate is good for the heart, it still contains a lot of calories and should be taken in moderation. One should never overindulge on dark chocolate.


Several characteristics of walnuts make them especially good for the heart. Firstly, walnut is a nut with high fiber content and low sugar content. Also, walnut contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. Also, walnuts contain significant amounts of protein and good cholesterol which are also healthy for the heart. The presence of vitamin E in walnuts also makes the heart less susceptible to coronary artery diseases.


Salmon is another food item which anyone that wants to eat healthier for their hearts should include into their diets. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the risk of heart disease. Salmon is also rich in protein, and that, including the omega-3 fatty acid component, helps to attain stable blood sugar levels.

Eating a proper diet is a natural way of keeping the heart in the best form. When the heart does not perform its functions appropriately, many complications can arise. It is thus important to incorporate some, if not all, of the foods mentioned above to your diet to stay healthy.


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