5 Habits That Lead To Heart Problems

A healthy heart leads to a long and happy life, but do you know that some habits we have developed due to the modernization of society, our living styles and eating habits are actually increasing cardiovascular disease? In olden days, cardiovascular diseases were considered to be “old people’s illnesses”, but nowadays, young children and teens experience heart problems.

Here are five common causes of heart problems:


Lifestyle change is the first major cause of heart problems in today’s generation. Technology and various convenient amenities have made us lazy. There is little real physical activity in most people’s lives, and although we may feel more and more content in our life of ease, these things are slowly killing us!

  • If you want to avoid heart problems, you may need to make lifestyle changes.
  • Add more physical activity in your daily life!
  • Take the stairs or walk for a few minutes!
  • Walk to the beach, seek relaxation way from your pressured environment, and rejuvenate yourself by taking a fitness class.


Smoking kills! It is the biggest big reason why people have more heart problems than they used to. Smoking is considered to be stress relief, or as a way to make oneself look cool. But the tar in cigarettes blocks your heart arteries – and can lead to a heart attack. So quit smoking – if you don’t, you will endanger your life.

Poor Eating

People are crazy for eating today. In earlier times, people ate to live, but today they live to eat – and this is what leads to obesity. Too much food is full of fat, cholesterol, sugar and other ingredients that are not good for our heart.


The human mood can also lead to severe heart problems. How? Well, if you feel negative, you become stressed, and further stress can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. Mood swings, anger, anxiety, panic attacks can also lead to heart attacks since sudden panic or shock affects the entire body. When you are happy, you feel healthy. Stay happy, stay healthy!


This is another big problem that can stem from tension and stress. Both may lead to hypertension or high blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack or angina.

Bottom line

You have one life to live –so live it well! Pay attention to everything that makes you healthier and happier. If you love yourself, not only will you protect your heart – you will receive love from others!

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