“Act Against AIDS” HIV/AIDS Awareness is a Year-Long Effort

Throughout the year, special days have been designated as National HIV/AIDS Awareness Days, as they target vulnerable groups with higher than normal incidence of the disease. By raising awareness, encouraging testing, and treatment, the goal is to save lives through prevention and to minimize the stigma associated with the disease for those already living with it.

The constant theme is the Act Against Aids campaign, sponsored by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  According to HIV.gov, “Act Against Aids is a CDC initiative to combat complacency about HIV and AIDS in the United States. It focuses on raising awareness among all Americans and reducing the risk of infection among the hardest-hit populations- gay and bisexual men, African-Americans, Latinos, and other communities at increased risk.”

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Source: https://www.cdc.gov/actagainstaids/campaigns/lsht/index.html