Alcohol Awareness Month “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow”

Every April since 1987 has been observed as Alcohol Awareness Month. This campaign, founded and sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), now called Facing Addiction with NCADD, aims to “reduce the stigma so often associated with alcohol addiction by encouraging communities to reach out to the American public each April with information about alcohol, alcohol addiction, and recovery.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), defines alcohol dependence as “a chronic medical condition that typically includes a current or past history of excessive drinking, a strong craving for alcohol, continued use despite repeated problems with drinking, and an inability to control alcohol consumption.” NCADD stresses that while alcoholism can be fatal if left untreated, people can recover with effective treatment.

This year’s theme, “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow,” is focused on educating children and young adults about prevention, treatment, and decreasing stigmas, barriers, and misunderstandings regarding alcohol, alcohol use, and alcohol abuse. One main event of this month is the Alcohol-Free Weekend from April 5-7, in which all Americans are invited to abstain from alcohol for those 72 hours.

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, visit for a list of available  resources or you may walk-in or schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider  at any of our convenient Primary Medical Care Center community clinics, you may visit our website at, or call (305)751-1500 for our Miami-Dade clinic, or (954)289-0000 for our Broward clinic.