Alcoholism is a Chronic Disease – Learn the Signs and Know When to Seek Help for Yourself or a Loved One defines alcoholism as, “a chronic disease that makes the body dependent on alcohol.” The website lists some of the signs of alcoholism as:

  • Drinking alone or keeping consumption of alcohol secret.
  • Loss of interest in activities, hobbies, and friends.
  • Feeling compelled to drink.
  • Gulping drinks, ordering multiple drinks or doubles, getting drunk intentionally to feel good, normal or to overcome shyness.
  • Increasing tolerance to alcohol to achieve the same “buzz” or high.
  • Drinking rituals or being extremely annoyed if this ritual is disturbed or questioned by others.
  • Problems developing with relationships, job, finances, or work.
  • Denial that there is a problem with alcohol.
  • Stashing alcohol for ready access.

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