Are We Paying Attention to Our Children’s Mental Health? Study Finds Black Children 5 to 12 Twice Likely to Commit Suicide Than White Children in the Same Age Group

As the spotlight turns to children’s mental health as they are have been so isolated from each other during this pandemic, the topic of youth suicides has once again been raised, as the alarming trend has not subsided. A 2018 study found that the problem was been even more dire for Black children aged five through twelve, compared to White children of the same age group. Due to this study, and its subsequent public health concerns, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), has recently declared that this is an issue that should be taken seriously as it has reached crisis levels and has been “an overlooked national emergency.”

The research study that was funded by the National Institutes of Health and appeared in JAMA Pediatrics, suggested the need for more research to arrive at conclusions for contributing factors in order to arrive at any ideas to intervene or prevent future suicides.

If you or your child is having suicidal thoughts or making threats or statements to self-harm, treat it like you would any medical emergency, call 911 immediately! Follow up with all recommended therapeutic consults and take all medications as directed.

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