Bad habits that cause weight gain

Weight  gain doesn’t just happen. As surprising as any increase in weight may be,  it is a result of habits which one may be acquired consciously or unconsciously. These little habits result in not-so-little weight gain, and it is important to identify these habits for effective weight loss. The following are some of the bad habits which guarantee weight gain whether in the long or short run.

Eating in front of the TV

Unhealthy eating patterns contribute significantly to weight gain. Eating in front of the TV is one habit that guarantees weight gain. When one eats in front of the TV, there are distracted and tend to eat more unconsciously. This unconscious eating pattern leads to more calorie intake which results in an increase in weight.

Instead of eating in front of the TV, take out them for more conscious eating of nutritionally appropriate food.

Taking the elevator instead of the stairs

Most people miss out on opportunities to work out daily and maintain healthy weights by taking the elevator instead of the stairs. Research has shown that are effective workout options which are also very cost-effective. Most buildings have stairs which present opportunities to stay in shape. Instead of opting for the elevator all the time, take the stairs, as you can lose a significant amount of weight over time that way.

Engaging in little to no physical activity

Physical activity is a necessity for maintaining healthy weights. When a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, they are more prone to weight loss. It is understandable that life is becoming more sedentary for a lot of people.

In spite of the longer time one is bound to spend sitting down at the office, it is important to integrate physical activity into one’s life, even in the smallest ways. Physical activity could be in the form of a short walk daily or walking to get coffee when possible.

Eating too fast

This is one practice that has been somewhat associated with weight loss but acts otherwise. Eating too fast leads to weight gain because when a person eats too fast, they Cavan consume more food in less time and thus increase their calorie intake.

Eating quickly can also be as a result of improperly planned meals which results in having to grab a quick bite as fast as possible. This habit leads to weight loss simply because of the larger quantity of food one is bound to consume.

Eating out

Home-cooked meals have always been and will always be healthier than commercial food from restaurants and fast food outlets. Apart from the fact that food from restaurants and fast food outlets can contain more calories, there is also the fact that most restaurants and fast-food outlets serve large proportions of food which one will be tempted to finish, piling up the calories. The culture of eating out is a major contributor to obesity in the West.

Bad habits that contribute to weight gain are easy to pick up. These habits may not be so easy to stop and thus require conscious efforts at healthy living.


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