Dealing with Your Addiction Triggers During the Holidays

Whether you are a recovering addict or still struggling with an active addiction, you are always in a battle to avoid triggers to those destructive behaviors that can harm your mental or physical health. During the holiday season, these triggers abound, and one must be prepared to deal with them head-on to avoid relapse or any of the dangers that come with addiction type behaviors.

According to Psychology Today, for addicts to survive the stressors of the holidays, “First and foremost, one must be prepared. Since most people at least know and are aware of the potential issues that might arise within their own families, it is crucial not to try to ‘wing it.’ If you know that your family is going to be asking lots of uncomfortable questions, practice some appropriate answers and don’t feel obligated to discuss any aspect of your recovery that you are not comfortable discussing. If your family is overly focused on achievement or likes to bring up stories from the past that are triggering or shameful, rehearse your reactions to them.”

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