Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Medical Profession

Diversion, Equity, and Inclusion in the Medical Profession

A DEI culture is based on achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Employees need to feel safe and accepted and understand that they belong to the group. Unfortunately, far from enough employers use a DEI strategy, which ultimately leads to many employees feeling unwelcome and unable to contribute at their fullest capacity.

What Does DEI Consist Of?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion presuppose a number of attitudes, social behaviors, and guidelines to follow.

  • Diversity refers to the multitude of human differences, including gender, ethnicity, race, age, social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical attributes, ethical or religious values system, and political beliefs.
  • Equity refers to fair and just treatment and equal opportunity for everyone involved in a group setting. It also means attempting to help people who haven’t integrated and finding out why that is. Impartiality and fairness are the key points of equity
  • Inclusion refers to the community spirit where everyone feels included, respected, and belongs. Every member can participate to their fullest potential, and they don’t feel excluded

Most importantly, there is an order in which these principles should be achieved. Inclusion is impossible without first ensuring that everyone, regardless of their differences, is treated equally and has the same opportunities.

Why Should DEI Matter?

DEI has encompassing benefits to employees, which extend to the entire business and industry as a whole. Employees who feel safe, protected, and respected tend to be more efficient and perform better. Which, in turn, benefits the industry or, in this case, the patient. Below, we’ve included the top four benefits of implementing DEI in the workplace:

  1. The business flourishes

When your employee feels accepted and is part of the community, they will make great efforts to ensure that the community thrives. This translates to better performance, lower stress, and overall good results for the business. These employees can bring to bear their full potential and achieve better results.

  1. Job offers become more attractive to potential candidates

It’s not a secret that more and more people want to work in a setting that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. If your business implements DEI principles, prospective employees are going to be much more interested in the job offers.

  1. Employees are more innovative

Feeling safe and included leads to lower stress, which in turn leads to more open-mindedness and the maximization of one’s vision and potential. Employees working in a DEI-focused workplace tend to solve problems more efficiently and come up with more innovative ideas.

  1. Employees are less stressed and feel included

Stress leads to lower performance, psychological pressure, and feelings of inadequacy, which can only harm the business. An effective DEI strategy will prevent stress from piling up or present a healthy medium to deal with that stress. Communication becomes more efficient, and employees feel psychologically safe.

Performative DEI Strategies at Primary Medical Care Center

At Primary Medical Care Center, we implement a set of core DEI principles that are designed to foster a shared sense of purpose in our community. Friendliness, companionship, understanding, and communication are part of our core values practiced by everyone. We encourage everyone to be themselves and create a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Depending on the needs of our employees and patients, our DEI techniques will also change since adaptiveness is a key factor in maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion. Humans are ever-changing, and so should our behavior and interactions with one another. Everyone brings to the table a key set of skills that deserves respect and acceptance.

Call us at (305) 751-1500 or request an appointment online if you’d like to learn more about the way we implement DEI techniques!