Five habits that foster healthy eating in kids

Kids love to eat junk food because it tastes yummy. But did you know that more kids today are becoming addicted to foods that make them obese? This obesity is the reason behind many illness and severe diseases.

In this article, I will share some tips you can use on a regular basis to help your kids develop healthy eating habits. After all, eating good food the best way to foster good health.

Make it Yummy

They say we eat with our eyes before we taste with our mouth. It’s fact that whatever looks delicious to our eyes, we will eat. If you compare home-cooked food with junk food, the presentation of junk food makes it look yummy!

So why not you put some effort into your home-cooked meal so that it appears fresh and yummy too? Make it look delicious with side dips, healthy juices, and side sauces. Make it more appealing and better smelling! This will trigger hunger in your kids, and they will eat what you’ve cooked for them.

Meal Planning

One major issue associated with unhealthy eating habits of kids is that they get bored eating same meal on a daily basis. This makes them want unhealthy food, because it looks yummy and tastes good – but in fact, it’s harmful to their health. So try this:

  • Make a weekly planner or menu list to help you vary your dishes.
  • Plan with your kids what they want to eat, and make a healthy version of that meal.

New Food

Introduce new foods from different cultures. Make them different, interesting and healthy so they will appeal to your kids. This will allow them to taste new things without fear and develop an interest in eating healthy meals.

Add Colors

They say the differently colored food has numerous health benefits. So take advantage of this! Divide your menu into “color days” for the kids and make meals according to the color of the foods they contain. For instance, Monday is blue day, so make blueberries pancakes with blueberry juice.

Color triggers hunger in our mind, and there are plenty of colorful fruits and vegetable available! Use them! But avoid using artificial food colors; they are not good for your immune system.

Involve them

The experts say that if you want to change your kids’ habits, involve them in your activities. time to time, tell them interesting stories related to eating healthy. Teach them how to cook a healthy meal themselves.

Bottom line

This will eventually develop a healthy eating habits in your kids – and a healthier lifestyle. Make sure that you educate your children about diet as well. It’s important, because only then they will understand that you’re doing the right thing for them. So don’t wait – follows these tips from now on, and enjoy the results!


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