Foods you should eat when stressed

The type of food a person eats influences the quality of their health. Foods contain different components, and this makes some of them more suited for specific functions. Thus, there are foods that are equipped to counter the effect stress has on the body. Eating such foods when a person is stressed is a great way of dealing with stress and keeping the body safe from the adverse effects of stress. Persons that are constantly stressed should incorporate the following foods known to help with dealing with stress into the diets. The ways the foods act to counter the effects of stress are also highlighted below.

Green leafy vegetables

Stress influences one’s mood by triggering the release of chemicals that cause the body to respond in a flight or fight manner. Green leafy vegetables counter this effect by triggering the release of substances that counter the flight-or-fight response such as dopamine and serotonin. Persons that consume vegetables are known to be able to manage stress properly.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is another food that has a calming effect on the body. The calming effect of dark chocolate on the body is because of its ability to produce anandamide, a neurotransmitter that counters the stress response of the body. Eating of dark chocolate calms the body and produces a relaxing effect that is opposite of the way the body reacts to stress. Keeping a bar of chocolate handy for those stress-filled days is thus a great idea.


Probiotics are foods that contain live microorganisms which help in maintaining the immune system of certain parts of the body. The immunity of the gut directly affects the functions of the brain and when the gut is occupied by unhealthy bacteria, the brain reacts to produce the manifestations of stress. Yogurt is a probiotic because it is gotten from fermented milk and contains live cultures that cause the fermentation. Regular intake of probiotics such as yogurt will build up the microflora and prevents room for the attachment of harmful microorganisms and prevents the stress response of the brain.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas produce a significant calming effect that counters the stress response of the body. Caffeine-containing drinks are not ideal options during stress because caffeine has stimulating activities. Switching caffeine-containing drinks for herbal teas is a decision that is benefitting for persons dealing with stress. Research has also shown that persons that drink black tea are less prone to stress.


Nuts are sources of magnesium, and magnesium is an essential nutrient which the body utilizes for managing stress. Sources of magnesium such as nuts are important for boosting up the magnesium quantity of the body. Magnesium plays an active role in stress coping mechanisms of the body.  On this basis, sources of magnesium such as nuts and vegetables are important foods for managing stress.

Since stress comes unannounced in most cases, the incorporation of the foods listed above into one’s diet is a great way of dealing with stress.



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