How to recognize depression

Depression is a mental condition that could be easily mistaken with routine sadness that one experiences at different seasons of life. Depression is much more serious than the routine feeling of sadness, and it is important for one to be able different between sadness which is a part of life and depression.

This article gives pointers on how to recognize depression. Here are some signs for recognizing depression. Although the symptoms of depression vary according to the person, the symptoms highlighted in this article are the general ones which one should look out for when they suspect that someone is depressed.

Feeling of hopelessness

A major difference between sadness and depression is the feeling of hopelessness that comes with depression. When a person is depressed, they feel like they are in a black hole without any light at the end of the tunnel.

Persons that are depressed also feel helpless and overwhelmed with the situations they find themselves.

Loss of interest in activities that generally appeal to them

When a person is depressed, they lose interest in activities that usually gave them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The loss of interest in everyday activities is usually as a result of the loss of the ability to enjoy any activity which is associated with depression.

Feeling of worthlessness

When a person is depressed, they lose their self-worth and, most times, begin to wonder their importance to the world. This feeling of worthlessness leads to suicidal thoughts which are associated with depression.

 Significant weight loss or gain

Depression comes with a change in the way one carries out their daily activities. This change results in either weight loss or gain. When a person loses or gains at least 5% of their weight in a month, in addition to other symptoms, they are probably depressed.

Lack of concentration

When a person is depressed, their mental abilities are usually affected. The change in mental functions of a person results in lack of concentration which is an extension of self-doubt. One may also have trouble making decisions and remembering things when they are depressed.

Constant fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom of depression, especially when it is constant and unexplained. When one feels completely physically drained constantly without reason, it is an indication of depression. Depressed persons usually take longer times to complete even the small tasks because of the constant fatigue.

Change in sleep patterns

Depression typically results in a change in sleep patterns. The difference may manifest in different ways which include short sleep, longer sleep and waking up at odd hours.

Change in temperament

Changes in temperament are associated with depression. When one is depressed, they tend to get angrier, more agitated and more irritated. Depression is also associated with shorter tempers.

Depression only gets worse, and the earlier it is diagnosed, and professional help is gotten, the better. Instead of wallowing in the symptoms of depression, when they are recognized early, one can get the help they need.


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