Holiday Fitness Tips

Last New Year’s Eve, you may have made a resolution to get into shape and to stay healthy. Its now the end of the year and time to make an assessment. Have you? Perhaps, like most people do, you started the year off strong and lost momentum as time went on. Now we are in the holiday season and you feel that you may as well wait until the New Year again to make new fitness goals as the holidays are the absolute worst time to even think about fitness.

Yet, with the constant temptation to overindulge during the holidays, it is very important to still be mindful of one’s physical fitness. U.S. News and World Report suggest the following secrets to keeping fit during the holidays:

  • Stay active by moving as much as possible.
  • Hydrate and track your food and activity level so that you are always aware of your calorie intake.
  • Workout at a time with limited distractions, maintain lists to stay organized, and get enough sleep.
  • Always have an emergency stash of healthy snacks readily available.
  • Know that there are many ways to be healthy and active. Avoid the “all or nothing mindset.”
  • Plan to make time and create opportunities to workout.
  • Don’t let treats linger in your home after a party.
  • Limit holiday indulgences to one day only at a time.

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