How exercise improves your overall well being

There has been a worldwide call for more physical activities in recent times. Exercise is a part of daily living that should be taken very seriously. Exercise has been linked to mental, physical and emotional health. This article establishes the reasons behind the worldwide call for better exercise, and why one should incorporate exercise, even in the smallest form, to daily activities.

Exercise relieves stress

Stress is associated with all forms of strain in the different muscles. One sure way of relaxing the muscles and relieving stress is exercise. When one engages in different forms of exercise, the body is active and produces endorphins which reduce the stress. The tightness of the chest, abdominal instability and muscle cramps associated with stress can also be relieved with exercise. The basic link between exercise and stress is the fact that the muscles relax and endorphins are released during exercise.

 Exercise fights against depression

Exercise is both a preventive and therapeutic measure for depression. Research has even shown that exercise has as much effect as a good number of antidepressants. The anti-depression ability of exercise is linked to the production of the endorphins and well as reduced inflammation and neural growth. Engagement in more physical activities also occupies that time spent on negatives thoughts that encourage depression.

When one engages in exercise, they also put up as a stronger fight against relapsing into the cycle of negative thoughts.

Exercise improves emotional healthy

When a person engages in exercise, they are more physically and mentally active, and this improves their emotional health. Exercise has been linked to improved relationships, reduction in social anxiety and increased self-esteem. When a person partakes in exercise, especially as part of a group, they are better equipped to break the cycle of anxiety and get involved with other people. Exercise also enhances self-esteem as persons with a steady exercise routine will find their bodies more appealing and reduce self-pity thoughts.

Exercise enhances physical health

Exercise has a multidimensional relationship between physical and mental health. Exercise prevents bone loss and enhances brain function. The enhanced brain function is based on the fact that exercise activates the part of the brain that is in charge of enhanced memory retention. When one engages in exercise, the heart muscles are more active preventing heart diseases. When a person engages in exercise regularly, they also have stronger muscles and are less fatigued.

The production of endorphins which are natural painkillers during exercise is also associated with improved physical health. In relation to improved brain function, exercise influences the production of growth factors in the brain which enhance mental activity.

Exercise is also known to help person overcoming trauma and PTSD. The increased physical activity helps the mind to move away from the cycle of stress associated with trauma and PTSD.

Apart from the points highlighted above, exercise plays other complex roles in improving the overall health. The ability of exercise to improve the overall health is because of the relationship between increased physical activity and several body functions.


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