How heart rate monitor can help you with your exercise

Exercising is extremely beneficial for maintaining physical and mental fitness. People who prefer body fitness over anything such as unhealthy food and an unbalanced lifestyle are most likely to be crazy for their passion and lust for maintaining a healthy body. However, while a lot of people are fully aware of the tips, techniques, and rules of exercising, some of others are still too naïve to understand its basics and how to efficiently go about it. Our heart is a muscle and therefore, exercising has a great impact on the heart rate.

Carrying a heart rate monitor while working out has become common nowadays due to the increased medical awareness. The fact that a heart rate monitor helps in exercising can be confirmed by proving some important points that need to be highlighted for a better and improved workout regime.

What is a heart rate monitor?

A heart rate monitor is a battery operated device that has traps to tie around the chest. It senses and reads the exact heart rate which varies from different situations. For instance, the heart rate when you’re relaxing would be different from the heart rate when you’re exercising. The reason for this is that while exercising, our brain needs more oxygen because of the fatigue. This is why the heart immediately reacts and starts to pump blood fast to keep the blood and oxygen level maintained in the body. For this purpose, a heart rate monitor is used to analyze the number of times the heart beats per minute to keep a check and balance on the proper heart functioning while exercising.

How does it affect the heart?

When you have a heart rate monitor handy while exercising, it helps a lot in various ways that include:

  1. It helps in tracking the progress that the body is going through while exercising. With the help of a heart rate monitor, one can easily detect the average amount of workout required for a healthy exercising routine to sustain the desired results.
  2. It also allows keeping a check on the body’s hydration level because excessive heart rate is a sign of a dehydrated body. Mostly, people feel thirsty and drink water, but a lot of the people ignore the thirst and keep exercising without knowing the actual facts and figures which indicate the dehydration.
  3. It helps in creating awareness among the fellow members who keep exercising without any proper weight and heart rate measurements. This is important because keeping a heart rate monitor with you while exercising helps you refrain from going beyond the average workout time and efforts which might result in a heart stroke.

Appropriate readings of a heart rate monitor

Mentioned below are some of the fixed readings of a heart rate monitor to have a better understanding of the device’s usage:

  • Comfortable rate: 50-60%.
  • Average rate: 70-80%.
  • Above average rate: 80-90%.
  • Maximum rate: 90-100%.

The habit of keeping a heart rate monitor while exercising helps a lot in maintaining a healthy exercising balance while doing a tough workout. Therefore, consider it for a sound and worthy fitness regime.


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