How technology is affecting our eyes

Technology is a blessing, within limits. But who decides what is the right limit? The answer is us. Most of us have become so tech-dependent that even the slightest of bit of effort – like switching on the TV – can be done from our smartphones. Physical inactivity due to excessive screen time is causing a lot of problems, including eye diseases and other related problems such as headaches. When we look around, almost everyone, including small kids, can be seen using tablets, smartphones, or laptop.

Whether you are working or playing, these smart products emit blue light, which negatively affects the brain and its proper functioning. A lot of people refuse to believe this and continue using technology, which results in various eye problems. It has proven by scientific experts that the excessive technology use is always harmful to physical and mental health, especially the eyes. Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures.

How does screen exposure affect the eyes?

The blue light that cellphones, laptop, and tablets emit are harmful to the eyes and brain. The brain releases a chemical, melatonin, which soothes the mind and helps you get a peaceful sleep. However, when you use technology, the brain releases cortisol, which disturbs the sleep cycle and hence, confuses the brain. This damaging set of affairs result in eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes etc. which irritates the eyes. Also, screen exposure for 8-10 hrs. a day weakens the eyesight and the eyes less tolerant of the blue light.

What kind of technology use leads to eye disease?

Some common uses of technology that lead to eye disease are:

  1. Controlling home appliances and other electrical features through a smartphone.
  2. A child playing on the tablet non-stop for hours at a time.
  3. An employee whose job is to stare at a laptop screen for work.
  4. A student who does most of their research on a smartphone, in and outside of school.
  5. An online business operator who needs to be online all day and night to run the business.

Common eye problems stemming from technology use

The common eye problems resulting from excessive use of technology include:

  • Dry eyes due to decreased eye blinking.
  • Eye strain also caused by blue light.
  • Watery eyes, due to eyes getting tired of staring at a screen for too long.
  • Blurred vision, due to screens that are up close for comfort.
  • Increased sensitivity to light, tension headaches and weak eyesight.

Technology can help us be successful in business and education. However, the excessive use of technology can lead to reduced vision – which is unacceptable, regardless of the benefits that technology provides.


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