How to keep your foot clean and healthy in the summer

For most people around the world, summers are a blessing. When you have an extremely low temperature for most of the year, then it becomes frustrating to do chores or go out to get some fresh air. For this reason, people get really excited when it’s time for summers and start preparing and planning for it by spending time at the beaches, shopping by the roadside, and having dinner/lunch in an open space. However, just like your face and hair, it is important to take care of your foot and hands in the summer as well to prevent blisters and cracked heels due to sheer negligence.

Washing your foot daily does not help in maintaining its fine health. In fact, it needs to be carefully taken care of to avoid infections and bacteria. Weather shoes or sandals, footwear should be selected by considering hygiene standards. Below are mentioned some of the tips to keep your foot clean and healthy in summer.

Wash regularly:

This one might seem obvious, but the question is “how often is regular enough?” Washing your foot regularly means to wash it multiple times a day. Whenever you go to a place where there is too much of dirt or dryness then is creates a severely negative impact on your foot and results in dry/cracked heels. This is why it is important to keep washing the foot to maintain the hygiene standards.


Exfoliating or moisturizing the foot is as important as applying sunscreen to the face. Moisturizing can be done by applying various medicated creams or gels that are readily available in the market. Most of the skincare brands have now introduced products for foot care which also include a foot exfoliator or moisturizer.

Choose the footwear wisely:

People get fed up and tired of wearing the heavy boots all winters and actually look up to the summers so that they’d be able to wear some strappy sandals or flip-flop. However, choosing the footwear wisely by keeping in mind some serious issues is essential to keep the foot clean and healthy. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Allow the foot to have some fresh air.
  • Prefer footwear that does not require to be worn with socks.
  • The footwear must be comfortable.
  • The material of the footwear must be skin-friendly.

Immediately treat the blisters and wart:

Blisters and wart result from rubbing the foot against an uncomfortable material, both of which can harm the healthy foot. The blisters also cause immense pain and make it difficult to walk properly. Hence, when observed, immediately treat the blisters by applying medicated creams or visit a skin specialist.

Check your shoes for the hidden bacteria:

f there is need to wear shoes, then it is important to keep checking the insides of the shoes for bacteria that secretly takes place inside the shoes due to lack of hygiene and protection from dirt and smut.

Keeping your foot healthy in summer is not that complicated if the above-mentioned tips are thoroughly followed. Therefore, keep an extensive check on the foot care and remain care-free for the rest of the summers.


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