How to stay safe from cancer

Prevention is better than cure is a very valid statement in relation to cancer as methods of curing cancer are still being developed. Thankfully, research has established a number of natural ways of reducing one’s chances of getting the different types of cancer.

The ways of preventing cancer range from lifestyle choices to preventive health measures such as vaccines; the methods of preventing cancer are highlighted below.

 Stay away from the sun

The rays of the sun are well-known causes of skin cancer. The prevention measures for skin cancer revolve around avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sun. The prevention measures include avoiding staying under the sun when it is hottest, covering one’s self when you have to stay under the sun and staying under the shade as much as possible when outdoors when the sun is hottest. Sunscreens are also very important in preventing undue exposure to the sun.

Exercise better

Increased physical activity of any kind counts with preventing cancer. Incorporation of exercise into one’s lifestyle is known for preventing different types of cancer including colon and breast cancer. The preventive effect of exercise is linked to the higher physical and mental activity and the production of biochemical substances that discourage cancer

Get immunized

Immunization is one of those definite preventive measures which one could employ in preventing cancer.  Hepatitis vaccine is one of those cancer preventive vaccines. This is because hepatitis causes damage to the liver that encourages lungs cancer. Human papillomavirus vaccine is another cancer-prevention vaccine. Human papillomavirus can be contracted sexually and leads to cancers which include cervical and genitalia cancer

Avoid tobacco

Lifestyle choices are important cancer-preventive measures. Stopping the use of tobacco is one of those lifestyle choices that prevent cancer. The use of tobacco has been linked to several cancers, from cervical cancer to lungs cancer.

Apart from smoking, secondhand exposure of tobacco producers such the smoke can predispose one to lungs cancer.

 Eat healthily

Including certain foods that fight cancer into one’s diet is a great way of preventing cancer. Fruits and vegetables are examples of such foods. Apart from fruits and vegetables, other foods that can fight against cancer include those with omega-3 fatty acid. Foods with omega-3 fatty acid include fish. Generally, natural foods, especially those from plant sources are encouraged for persons who want to eat and live healthily. Processed meat should be swapped for more fish and oils with unsaturated fatty acids swapped for those with unsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil. The Mediterranean diet is generally known to be cancer-preventive.

Practice safe sex

Another important cancer-preventive lifestyle measure is the practice of safe sex. Sex with multiple partners, especially without a condom, can lead to contracting diseases such as HIV that weaken the immune system and provide room for other infections such as hepatitis which could lead go lungs cancer.

The measures stated above are some of the preventive measures established worldwide. Their incorporation into life will definitely reduce one’s chances of getting cancer.


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