It is National Family Caregivers Month “Be Care Curious”

Each November, National Family Caregivers Month is celebrated across America to honor and recognize family caregivers who selflessly render care around the clock to family, friends, and loved ones who are sick, elderly, or disabled. The Caregivers Action Network (CAN), picks the theme for each year, and for 2019, the theme is, “Be Care Curious.” They encourage caregivers to “ask questions, explore options, and share in care decisions that affect the health and well-being of their loved ones.”

In a Presidential Proclamation from the White House, National Family Caregivers Month is given the reverence it deserves, it in part states, “ This November, we recognize and honor the commitment of those who exemplify the essential American tenets of devotion to family and compassion toward those who matter most in their lives.”

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