June is National Men’s Health Month “Encouraging Awareness of Preventable Health Problems and Early Detection & Treatment of Disease Among Men and Boys”

Since 1994, and anchored by the Congressional Health Program, June has been observed as National Men’s Health Month. Recognized by the White House, public and private healthcare providers, as well as policy makers, the purpose of this campaign, “is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.”

According to Congressman Bill Richardson, “Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue.”  Harvard Medical School explains that the average woman pays more attention to her health than the average man does. Thus, there are certain issues that are more prevalent in men, such as the tendency to drink more alcohol, use more drugs, make riskier choices, and not see the doctor often enough for regular checkups. Hence, most of the health issues that men face, are indeed preventable with lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise, eating well, moderate alcohol consumption, and regular health checkups and screenings.

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Source: https://www.menshealthmonth.org/week.html