Hillsboro Beach

Primary Care Medical Doctors for Seniors in Hillsboro Beach

Primary Care Medical Doctors for Seniors in Hillsboro Beach
Primary Care Medical Doctors for Seniors in Hillsboro Beach

Do you want to know why you can trust Primary Medical Care Center for all your treatment needs as a senior in Hillsboro Beach? The reason is that it has the very best doctors and specialists to treat the most common health issues facing seniors today.

The founders, Dr. Jean B. Pierre, M.D., and Dorothy Pierce, ARNP, created this senior medical center to offer affordable urgent medical services to the seniors who need them the most in Hillsboro Beach. Dr. Pierre and Nurse Pierce bring more than 32 years of quality experience to every patient they treat.

You will be stepping into a judgment-free facility when you walk through the doors of the Primary Medical Care Center in Hillsboro Beach. No one will look down upon you or judge you for whatever health crisis you face. Instead, our doctors and nurses will show you empathy and compassion as we work aggressively to resolve your health issues.

Would you like to learn more about your senior medical center in Hillsboro Beach? Contact Primary Medical Care Center at (305) 751-1500 or use our contact form here for more information. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to address your needs quickly and professionally.

Top-Rated Senior Medical Center in Hillsboro Beach

Our doctors offer top-rated senior medical treatment services in Hillsboro Beach. The most commonly needed services for seniors include the following:

  • General Health Services
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Acupuncture
  • Behavioral Health
  • On-site Medication Distribution
  • Emergency Care
  • On-site Diagnostic Testing
  • Comprehensive Wellness Plan
  • Case Management

Seniors are encouraged to make an appointment for regular health checkups to ensure their good health. But, even if you feel fine now, you never know when some hidden health problem will reveal itself. Our doctors and specialists are trained and equipped to thoroughly evaluate your health and diagnose any health problems before they worsen.

Primary Medical Care Center is staffed with friendly doctors and nurses who’ll do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. All senior patients are welcome to visit our facility for treatment regardless of preexisting conditions. Everyone will receive empathy, compassion, and fair treatment at our facility.

Best Doctors for Seniors in Hillsboro Beach

You can enjoy the highest quality care from the best doctors for senior patients in Hillsboro Beach. We offer specialized care to address the everyday healthcare needs of our senior patients, such as cardiology, primary care health, diagnostic testing, behavioral health, acupuncture, preventive medicine, and more.

We highly recommend you schedule routine examinations and checkups with our primary care doctors to ensure you remain in excellent health. Our specialized medical services cover a variety of medical treatment types and practices. That way, you can visit our facility to seek treatment from multiple specialists without visiting different facilities. This makes it easier and more convenient for seniors with mobility or transportation issues.

Do you need immediate care for a non-life-threatening emergency? The good news is you can save thousands of dollars by visiting the Primary Medical Care Center for all your urgent care needs because you won’t need to go to the hospital. Instead, you can receive care from us at a fraction of the price.

We accept senior patients without an appointment who need immediate treatment for any non-life-threatening emergency. Please bring your health insurance information with you because we accept policies from some of the biggest carriers in Florida. They include the following:

  • Medica Healthcare
  • AvMed
  • Preferred Care Partners
  • Sunshine Health
  • Allwell
  • MMM of Florida
  • Florida Blue
  • Aetna

Seniors living on a limited income can benefit immensely from coming to the Primary Medical Care Center for treatment because we have some of the lowest prices on senior care services in Hillsboro Beach and South Florida. Our doctors and staff will work with you to find the most affordable treatment options for your particular health issues.

Why Primary Medical Care Center Should Be Your Premier Choice

Dr. Jean B. Pierre, M.D., and Dorothy Pierce, ARNP, have worked hard to create one of the best family medical practices for seniors in Hillsboro Beach. You can trust their decades of experience to deliver top-quality care at affordable prices. The best part is that you can receive care regardless of your current health status.

Primary Medical Care Center is staffed with licensed and certified medical professionals in many different fields of health and wellness. So whether you need a primary care doctor or cardiologist, we have all the care services you’ll need to live a long and happy life as a senior in South Florida. 

Would you like to make an appointment or inquire about our senior care services in Hillsboro Beach? Call (305) 751-1500 or use our contact form here to set up an appointment and receive answers to your questions.

Door-to-doctor transportation and home health services are available to seniors with severe disabilities and mobility issues.