Older Adults Encouraged to Get Moving by Participating in Today’s National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Today, May 29, 2019, more than 1000 locations throughout the United States will offer activities geared towards older adults of all fitness levels, to participate in the 26th Annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day. This is a public-private partnership by the Mature Market Resource Center with the goal of keeping older Americans fit and healthy.

Seniors are encouraged to attend health screenings, as well as diet and exercise informational sessions offered at participating locations and wherever available. The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition (PCSFN), explains the importance of staying fit and healthy as we age: “Active aging is increasingly important, considering one in five Americans will be 65 or older by 2030, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.”

Silver Cuisine, a culinary and fitness blog, suggests the following seven ways that seniors can participate in National Senior Health & Fitness Day:

  1. Go to the Park
  2. Attend a Fitness Class
  3. Walk to Health
  4. Work in the Garden
  5. Dance
  6. Schedule a Health Screening
  7. Volunteer

Before you begin any exercise or diet regimen, it is always advisable to consult your healthcare provider. To schedule an appointment at any of our convenient Primary Medical Care Center community clinics, you may visit our website at www.primarymed.com, or call (305)751-1500 for our Miami-Dade clinic, or (954)289-0000 for our Broward clinic.

Source: http://www.fitnessday.com/senior/