Psoriasis is Not Only Skin Deep

The American Academy of Dermatology explains that “Psoriasis is a condition that causes the body to make new cells in days rather than weeks. As these cells pile up on the surface of the skin, you see thick scaly patches.”

Psoriasis can often be misunderstood and there are some common myths surrounding this disease. Healthline dispels a few of those myths and delivers the facts:

  • Psoriasis is not contagious.
  • Psoriasis is not just a skin condition. It is an autoimmune disease.
  • Psoriasis is not curable but is in fact treatable as a lifelong condition.
  • All psoriasis is not the same. There are many different types. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type.
  • Psoriasis symptoms are not only skin deep. Beyond the potential for infections, there are deep emotional scars that can come from stigmatization, depression and anxiety.
  • Psoriasis has been linked to other medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, vision problems, and the most common being psoriatic arthritis.
  • Psoriasis is not just an adult disease as children are also diagnosed with the disease.
  • Psoriasis is not preventable. While certain risk factors may lead to a reduction of risk, the genetic component of the disease cannot be prevented.

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