Researchers Predict A Significant Increase in The Number of Cancer Survivors Over the Next Decade Due to an Aging U.S. Population

The American Cancer Society (ACS), reports that there are more than 16.9 million Americans currently living with a history of cancer. That number is expected to rise to 22.1 million by 2030 due to the aging of the U.S. population. This is based on the Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Statistics, 2019, a report published every three years by the ACS and the National Cancer Institute.

Johns Hopkins Medicine shares that there are currently 1.8 million people over the age of 65 living in the United States, with the average life expectancy of 18.5 years beyond the age of 65. The ACS report explains that increasing cancer survivorship is also due to advances in cancer treatment and early detection measures. According to the report, a cancer survivor is defined as “a person who has a history of cancer from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of their life.”

However, increasing survivorship brings its own challenges, as life after cancer in an aging population presents comorbidities and extra burdens on healthcare systems. As these survivors age, especially those over the age of 65, there are increased chances for other chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac, respiratory, and arthritic conditions. There are concerns that current healthcare systems may not be able to handle the sheer increase in numbers. The hope is that with this advanced knowledge, government, communities, and healthcare systems can prepare to meet the needs of America’s aging cancer survivors.

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