Social Distancing: Is It Really a Healthy Choice?

Social Distancing: Is It Really a Healthy Choice?

Politicians and government officials are adding more restrictions and regulations to our daily activities. For example, when the coronavirus pandemic first struck the United States, our nation’s leaders forced businesses to close and curfews to be enforced. They also told us to avoid gathering with more than 10 people at a time.

Their excuse for these restrictions was to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in order to save people’s lives. This seemed to make sense because the coronavirus was already killing thousands of people per day. So, staying away from people seemed like a sure way to remain safe during a deadly pandemic.

Unfortunately, all this social isolation created a pandemic of loneliness. Since people are naturally social creatures, isolation can damage their mental and physical health when forced to stay away from everyone. Some of the physical symptoms of isolation and loneliness include inflammation, high blood pressure, and a weak immune system. And if a person already has preexisting conditions like diabetes or heart disease, the symptoms are worsened if isolated for too long.

Senior citizens had already dealt with loneliness and isolation long before the coronavirus pandemic arrived. So when the curfews and quarantines got added to their lives, it made their health that much worse. That could be why many older Americans are against the restrictions and the politicians who advocate for them.

The Solution

Is there a way for people to stay safe during the pandemic without forcing themselves into isolation? Perhaps if people try physical distancing rather than social distancing.

We live in the technological age where people can communicate without being physically present. For example, video conferencing calls allow people to communicate without breaking social distance rules. Rather than be physically present, people can video chat on their computers or smartphones.

As a result, telehealth and virtual care became a growing trend for patients. The Primary Medical Care Center saw a significant increase in patients requesting virtual care during the pandemic because they needed to talk to someone to ease their mental health.

Requesting a doctor’s appointment never used to be for social purposes, but the pandemic changed that. Senior citizen patients needed to socialize with someone to treat their mental health.

What’s great about the Primary Medical Care Center is that our doctors actually care about our patients. We normally take more time to talk with patients than other primary care doctors would give them. Our patients appreciated this immensely during the pandemic.

Even though the pandemic restrictions are mostly lifted, it won’t change our desire to offer virtual care to patients. We have found that most of our patients prefer virtual doctor’s appointments because they are fast, convenient, and more effective. Our doctors develop a trusted and caring relationship with patients, significantly improving their mental and physical health.

So if the United States is ever affected by another pandemic, our patients won’t have to suffer in complete social isolation. Now, they have peace of mind knowing that they can schedule a fast appointment with our doctors on a telehealth video conference call from the comfort of their homes.

For this reason, we’re going to recommend that most patients choose our affordable virtual care sessions if they only need a doctor’s advice or prescription. Of course, we’ll recommend in-person appointments if a patient requires physical treatment that doesn’t require an emergency room. But since most patients only need to consult or socialize with doctors, it is more convenient to hold these sessions remotely.

Primary Medical Care Center also makes house calls to patients in South Florida. So if a patient needs physical care but cannot travel to a facility, we can deliver the physical care to their home. Our senior patients appreciate our in-house care delivery services because they can receive treatment and socialize in person without leaving their homes. Our in-house visits are an added benefit for the patients.

We are always coming up with new and innovative ways to treat the lonely feelings of our patients. For instance, our staff will periodically call patients to check on them to see how they feel. These calls typically take place in between their scheduled telehealth conference calls. It is just one more way we show patients that we care about their health while inadvertently treating their loneliness.

Get Started

You don’t need to be a doctor or healthcare provider to treat people’s loneliness. If you have friends or family members who are isolated and alone, try making an effort to contact them occasionally. You’d be amazed how one phone call could lighten up their entire day with joy.

If you or a loved one is lonely and needs quality medical care, you should contact the Primary Care Center at (305) 751-1500. Our medical professionals can work to solve both of these problems so that your loved one feels tremendously better.