Stretching exercises that can keep your back muscles healthy

Exercise has been proven to be one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy body. Exercising on a regular basis does not only benefit the physical strength but is also good for the mental health. Due to the fast life and hectic schedule, people are neglecting their health and focusing more on achieving success within the shortest possible time. However, the fact is that the more you get tired, the less your chances of attaining success get. For this purpose, it is important to do something like exercising that manages to improve the mental and physical strength and prevents back pain, etc.

Back pain is a common health issue faced by people whose job requirement is to sit at one place for long hours. This causes a lot of further problems which can become severe if not treated properly. In order to prevent back pain, experts have suggested some stretching exercises which are beneficial for improving the back posture. Some of the exercises are listed below, each with a brief description of its techniques.

Knee to chest:

Lying straight on the back and slowly lifting both the legs in a bent form and pull together towards the chest. This helps in stretching the back with a support from the legs.

Calf stretch:

The calf stretch is an exercise that involves standing straight with a firm back and pushing the whole body towards the wall. This way, the muscles get to stretch without getting damaged.


Lying straight on the back and gently pushing the buttocks upwards without allowing the back to leave the ground is called bridging. It helps in the contraction of the buttocks and stomach which is beneficial for treating back pain.

Wall Squats:

Walls squats are good for treating back pain because the squats are done while pushing the back towards the wall. Squatting is not only good for leg muscles but also beneficial for the back pain if done this way.

Back over a pillow:

Back over the pillow is a comforting exercise that is good for treating the back pain. It also helps in preventing the lower back from being affected by sitting and lying on the pillow with the waist pushed up by it.

Doorway stretch:

The doorway stretch is an all-time favorite exercise for people who enjoy exercising but don’t have time for the gym. To do this, below are the steps to follow:

  • Place both hands on the sides of the door; and
  • Push your whole body towards the other end.

Piriformis muscle stretch:

The Piriformis muscle strength is similar to the knee to chest with the difference being that only one leg is lifted in the opposite direction towards the chest.

Seated spinal twist:

The seated spinal twist is a common exercise for back pain in which the person sits at one place and continuously rotates the upper body left and right.

Exercise is the only natural way of keeping the back muscles healthy and fit. Therefore, perform these exercises on a daily basis and witness a visible difference with a relaxed and comforting back posture.


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