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The Benefits of Primary Care Facilities Offering Specialty Care to Their Patients

The current American healthcare system is a giant headache for patients to navigate. One of the biggest annoyances for patients is when they need to receive specialized care.

In most cases, patients don’t have the freedom to visit a medical specialist directly. Instead, they must make an appointment to see their primary care physician and ask them for a referral to see a specialist. As a result, the patient must pay for two doctor appointments just to get one treatment.

Certain specialists don’t require a referral, such as dermatologists and chiropractors. However, many other specialists do require referrals, including orthopedic surgeons and nephrologists. Since primary care physicians don’t usually work in the same facility as these specialists, the patient must travel from one doctor to another to get treatment. It is a waste of their time and money.

Fortunately, some medical facilities offer primary care treatments and specialized treatments under one roof. One such facility is the Primary Medical Care Center based in South Florida. It provides patients with the opportunity to solve all their basic and specialized healthcare needs without needing referrals or traveling to other facilities.

Primary Medical Care Center houses at least a dozen medical specialists working in various healthcare fields. Some of which include:

  • Primary Care
  • Doctor-to-Doctor Transportation
  • Cardiology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition
  • Health and Wellness
  • Behavioral Health
  • Dental Services
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Acupuncture

Imagine seeing your primary care physician in one room and then visiting a cardiologist in another room just a few feet away. You could literally have a dozen different specialists working together to create a treatment plan for your particular illness or injury. There is no outsourcing or referrals to other facilities. Not only does this save you time and money, but the close collaboration between the experts will give you a more accurate and effective treatment plan.

 About 50% of Referrals are Unnecessary

The traditional healthcare system is all about maximizing profits. After all, primary care physicians make a lot of money off insurance companies when patients come to them for simple referral requests. The sad thing is that about 50% of these referrals are unnecessary anyway.

Think about it for a moment. Primary care physicians are knowledgeable in general and family medicine. This broader medical field gives physicians a lot of leeway in their treatment of patients. Primary care physicians don’t always need to refer their patients to specialists if the medical issues can get treated with prescription medication.

For example, suppose you visit your primary care physician because you pulled a muscle and have been in pain for a couple of days. The solution to the problem may be something as simple as doing daily stretches and taking anti-inflammatory medication. These are prescriptions that a primary care physician can give you without the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon or some other specialist.

But in the off chance your medical problem requires the assistance of a specialist, wouldn’t it be nice to know the specialist is right down the hall from the primary care physician at the same facility? That is the kind of convenience you can expect to find at Primary Medical Care Center.

 Faster Treatment and More Convenience

Creating a better patient experience is critical in every medical setting. Unfortunately, if you were to ask most people about their experiences in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical clinics, they would usually have negative things to say. Not only do people have to wait a long time for treatment, but they have to get sent to numerous facilities to see different specialists.

Primary Medical Care Center believes in bringing faster treatment and more convenience to patients. That way, they can have a positive experience seeking medical treatment instead of a negative experience. Perhaps this will encourage them to continue seeking treatment without ever neglecting their health ever again.

Furthermore, on-call specialists and on-demand learning presentations are also available to patients. Many specialists provide online modules to educate patients on their specific conditions and the best treatments for them. And if a patient needs to speak with a specialist immediately, on-call specialists are available via phone, text, or email for consultations.

Why pay multiple $20+ copays when you can pay a single copay to see a primary care physician and specialist? For some patients, saving an extra $20 could make a massive difference because it could afford them extra groceries for themselves and their families. It also means they can save money on gas by not driving around to different medical clinics and facilities.

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Primary Care Medical Center is committed to patient satisfaction. We have a team of primary care physicians and specialists ready to work together to treat your medical problem. Then you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the care you deserve.

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