The best and worst foods for persons living with diabetes

Diet is a major way of managing diabetes, especially for persons with diabetes type 2. Certain foods, especially those with a lot of carbs, are harmful to persons with diabetes. Maintaining a diet that doesn’t increase the level of glucose in the body is essential in managing diabetes.

This article highlights the best and worst foods for persons living with diabetes, and how one can incorporate them into their diets to managing diabetes properly.

Best – whole grains

Although whole grains are carbs, they are the good carbs. Whole grains are known as the good carbs because they also contain fiber and sometimes potassium. With the high level of fiber in the whole counterpart of carbohydrates aids digestion and lowers the rate at which the starch is converted to glucose.

When one eats whole grains and the whole forms of other foods, the tendency to experience blood sugar spike is reduced because the fiber content moderates the digestion of the carbs.

Worst: Bananas and melons

Bananas and melons are dangerous for persons living with diabetes. This is because, in addition to the vitamins and fibers, these fruits also contain a high level of sugar. The high level of sugar in bananas, melons and some stone fruits can result in sugar spikes in diabetics and should be avoided at all costs.

One could also talk to their doctors or check their blood sugar after taking certain fruits to be sure that they do not result in sugar spikes.

Best: fresh vegetables

Vegetables are great food items for persons living with diabetes because of their nutritional content. Vegetables contain fiber and a low amount of fat. However, they are better taken fresh as opposed to canned.  Even when one decides to go for canned vegetables, they should be unsalted.

Persons living with diabetes should endeavor to include a variety of fresh vegetables into the diet, from carrots to spinach. The vegetables can be eaten fresh, grilled or roasted.

Worst: fruit juices

Although fruits are good sources of vitamins and fiber, they are better taken fresh rather than as fruit juices. Fruit juices contain more sugar which can result in sugar spikes. Even the healthiest form of fruit juice contains more sugar than the fruit itself. Thus, to get the most of a fruit, consume it as a fruit rather than a processed fruit juice.

Best: sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are healthy carbs as they contain fiber and vitamins. Although sweet potatoes contain sugar, they do not cause sugar spikes like most other spikes. Sweet potatoes should, however, be taken in moderation.

Worst: energy bars

Energy bars contain a lot of sugar and should be taken in moderation or totally avoided, if possible, by people with diabetes. The consumption of energy bars could lead to sugar spikes which are harmful to persons who have diabetes.

The goal with maintaining a healthy diet for diabetes is to reduce the consumption of sugar and balance fiber, vitamin and protein intake.


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