The most relaxing hobbies known to man

Stress is a component of life that everyone has to deal with one way or another. Although one cannot control all the stress-inducing factors in their lives, they can incorporate activities that can help diffuse stress. Several hobbies are known to create a better relaxing effect than others. This article presents some of the most relaxing hobbies in the world today. One could pick up any of them that is most appealing and include them in their stress management plan.


Keeping a small garden in and around one’s home is a great stress-relieving activity. When one tends to flowers, fruits and other plants, they tend to produce lesser quantities of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that is linked to stress. The stress-relieving effects of gardening are associated with the fact that it involves getting in touch with mother Earth, producing a calming and relaxing effect. Also, one can also cast their thoughts away from their worries when they spend time tending to other forms of life. The stress-relieving effect of gardening is independent of the size of garden and more related to the tending activity. Gardening has also been linked to the suppression of depression as antidepressants are produced in higher quantities when one spends time gardening.


Reading is not only an interesting hobby; it is also a great way to reduce stress. Reading has been associated with improved heart health and reduce muscle tension. Reduced muscle tension and improved heart health have been known to dissipate stress. According to a study carried out at the University of Sussex, when one spends about 6 minutes reading, they can reduce their stress levels by over 50%.

Writing which is closely related to reading is another well-known stress-alleviating hobby. When going through a tough time or experiencing unusual dampening feelings, it is the best time to pick up a pen or one’s computer and get writing.


Crafting, which involves all forms of creative activities that involve working with one’s hands, is a great stress-alleviating hobby. When a person engages in knitting, bead making or even sewing, they can relax their minds better and focus on their projects instead. Crafting has also been linked to the production of antidepressants which help to keep stress at bay. Serotonin is known to be produced when one engages in creative repetitive activities such as knitting and sewing.


You may want to bust a move more often after reading this article. Yes, dancing more can make you less stressful. Dancing has been linked to the production of increased quantities of endorphins. Research has also shown that persons that dance more tend to be happier. Listening to music which is linked to dancing is another stress-alleviating music. As a person listens to songs with a familiar slow melody, their minds are put at ease, and they gradually become less stressed.

The stress-alleviating properties of all the activities mentioned in this articles are associated with the fact that they keep one’s mind at ease and produce essential chemicals associated with a low level of stress.


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