Tips for managing blood sugar naturally

Blood sugar is the free glucose that is in the bloodstream. When the level of blood sugar becomes higher than normal, it could lead to diabetes, and different types of diabetes could result in complications. When the blood sugar is lower than the normal level, it results in hypoglycemia which distorts basic bodily functions.

Thus, it is important to imbibe tips for managing blood sugar into one’s daily routine. The several tips highlighted below are natural ways of maintaining the level of blood sugar and keeping the basic functions of the body at an optimal rate.


Exercise has several health benefits. One of the benefits is the maintenance of blood sugar level. When one is engaged in physical activities, they improve the sensitivity of their body to insulin. Persons with healthier weights are more sensitive to insulin, and thus the insulin in their body can act better in metabolizing glucose. The muscle cells also use up the glucose in the bloodstream when it is active. Stress has also been linked to diabetes, and exercise helps to relieve stress and thus reduce the level of blood sugar. The exercise could range from stretching to Pilates.

Proper diet

A major way of managing blood sugar is through proper diet. Glucose is gotten from the breakdown of carbohydrate food, and one measure for managing blood sugar is to control one’s blood sugar. Eating of high-carbohydrate food increases the work the insulin which is either insufficient or unfunctional has to do.

It is also important to plan meals in appropriate sizes as larger meals increase the burden of metabolism. Another important measure in relation to diet is the increased intake of fiber. Fibre reduces the rate at which food is digested and thus keeps the level of blood sugar relatively constant.

Foods rich in micronutrients such as chromium and magnesium can also be incorporated into one’s diet to maintain blood sugar levels, as research has linked high blood sugar to micronutrient deficiency.


Just like exercise, water is a natural remedy for staying above a lot of medical conditions including diabetes. Water helps the kidneys to function more properly enabling the kidney to remove the excess of blood sugar in the body.

Proper hydration, with water and other non-sugar-based beverages, also help other systems of the body to function at optimum.


Proper sleep hygiene is necessary for maintaining the blood sugar level. To maintain a healthy blood sugar level, it is important to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. When proper sleep hygiene is maintained, the production of growth hormones is increased, and a healthy blood sugar level can be maintained.

As the different natural ways of maintaining blood sugar are implemented, it is also important to monitor one’s blood sugar consistently. Consistent monitoring of blood sugar, especially persons with diabetes, will help in making the most efficient and functional plans and strategies.


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