Tips for managing migraines

Migraines are some of the most discomforting experience anyone can go through; migraines have been known to completely disrupt the days and even weeks of persons that experience them. Persons that experience migraines thus constantly look out for ways of managing them and reducing the frequency of their occurrences.

Some of the established practices and methods for managing migraines are highlighted in this article. These practices and methods cut across the different triggers of migraines and should be helpful to a range of persons experiencing migraines.

Develop a daily plan around migraine triggers

Migraines are triggered by different stimuli. For some people, it is excessive bright light; for others, it is poor sleep hygiene. In managing migraines, it is important to plan one’s day around the migraine triggers. Persons that experience migraines triggered by light can stay away from bright light as much as possible.

Sticking to the plan created is as important as creating the plan. This is because the frequency of occurrence of migraines can be noticeably reduced when one develops a healthy plan according to their triggers and sticks to the plan.

Sleep better

Lack of an adequate amount of sleep is a more general trigger of migraine, and this is one trigger which can be easily exploited in managing migraines. Sleeping for the recommended number of hours every night helps with managing migraines and reduces the frequency of their occurrence.

In managing migraines, it is imperative to develop a healthy sleep plan that highlights sleep and wake time and also ensures minimal distraction during sleep. It is also highly important to stick to one’s sleep plan for long-term effective results.

Keep a migraine diary

Managing migraines involves incorporating information on the triggers and other related factors. Diaries help with keeping proper track of the triggers of migraine as well as the frequency and time of occurrence

The information from migraine diaries empower persons that experience them to create effective plans and make the right lifestyle changes.

Reduce stress

Although stress is increasingly becoming part of everyday life for a lot of people, reduction of stress is an important strategy for managing migraines. More stress tends to make migraines more intense and increase the frequency of their occurrence. Some tips for de-stressing include engaging in less stressful activities daily and spending more personal time with loved ones and on activities one finds particularly appealing.

Avoid trigger foods

Coffee and certain other foods and drinks can trigger migraines for some people. For some persons, it is important to consume less of such trigger foods and eliminate them from diets completely.

The development of eating plans and habits that are aimed at less intense and frequent migraine episodes is part of the daily plan suggested earlier. Fasting has been linked to more intense and frequent migraines, and this should be considered too when developing eating plans aimed at less intense and frequent migraines.

Proper management of migraines involves important lifestyle changes and some of them have been highlighted above. Proper implementation of the changes stated above will ensure fewer and less intense migraine episodes.


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