Top weight loss apps

Most people cannot afford to keep an A-list fitness and weight loss expert on their payroll, but almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones can become suitable weight loss guides with the different effective weight loss apps available. A lot of these apps are built by fitness experts and offer enough guidance to keep a person on the right track during their weight loss journey. Some of the effective weight loss apps available are highlighted below.

Lose It!

The importance of calorie counting and weight tracking cannot be overemphasized with weight loss journeys. Lose It! covers weight tracking and calorie counting effectively incorporating information from expert nutritionists on what and what not to eat. The app is very user-friendly, and one can easily personalize it according to their preference.

Lose It! is a great partner for establishing a weightloss plan, as it analyzes the users’ health parameters and goals creates an appropriate weight plan.


MyFitnessPal lives up to its name and is another weight loss app that a person could employ in their weight loss journeys. MyFitnessPal counts calories with sections for the daily food intake. This weight loss app also advises its users on the nutritional component of the foods they eat. It is also important to note that MyFitnessPal can also synchronize with information on other weight loss apps, as it is compatible with other weight loss apps such as Fitbit.

This app analyzes the food intake of its users and advises on ways to adjust their diets towards their goals, offering tips for staying on track with their goals.


This is a great app for persons that run a lot as part of their weightloss plan. Studio provides tools and resources that make running fun and effective. This iOS app offers instructions and guides on how to maximize running for weight loss. The interactive nature of this app is noteworthy as its users can compete, and guides and instructions are also given in a user-friendly way.

Accountability is key with any weightloss plan and Studio covers accountability. Users of this app can become more accountable with their weightloss plan by following its nine-week program which is known for its results.


SparkPeople provides a platform for its users to manage every aspect of their weight loss plan, from weight to exercise and food intake. This app also helps its users to stay true to their goals providing tools and resources they need.

There are the nutritional database and exercise demo section of the app. The nutritional database of this app provides its users with nutritional information on over 2,000 foods helping them to make the right choices. The exercise demo sections provide how-to guides for several common exercises.

This free app also allows its users access to articles on issues essential for weight loss.

Smartphones have been built to provide support to their users in different aspects of life. With the fitness app above, one can also receive weight loss support from their smartphones.


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