What Are COVID Toes?

As more information about COVID-19 is revealed, one of the most unique symptoms seems to be one that has now been coined, “COVID Toes.”  WebMD explains that “COVID Toes” are among the most common dermatologic manifestations of the virus. “Lesions that appear on the feet of patients with COVID-19 have been described as resembling those seen in individuals exposed to cold temperatures. Many reported cases involve children. Dermatologists note that confirming which skin conditions are directly related to COVID-19 is challenging because many of those without ‘typical’ symptoms are not being tested for coronavirus infection.”

Pulmonologist, Humberto Choi, M.D. suggests that, “Like rashes, COVID toes are just another way that the body can respond to a viral infection.” He stressed that COVID toes and rashes are still quite uncommon symptoms, but the public should still be aware that those could be rare manifestations of the virus.

Everyday Health explains that, “COVID toes are red-purple nodules. The overlying skin may be discolored, but at least initially, is not affected, and later, as the lesions heal, the skin may peel. The lesions of COVID toes may feel hot or tingly and are often sore or tender, and the lesions come up very suddenly.”

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Source: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200508/trending-clinical-topic-covid-toes/src=RSS_PUBLIC