What is the Alkaline Diet? Another Fad Diet or A Healthier Way of Living?

In the past few years, the alkaline diet has joined the list of diet trends with names such as paleo and keto with impressive health claims such as the elimination of diseases such as cancer and chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. But how much of this has been proven true and are there some health benefits of the alkaline diet?

According to Healthline, “The alkaline diet is based on the idea that replacing acid-forming foods with alkaline foods can improve your health. It’s a premise that your diet can alter the pH value – measurement of acidity or alkalinity – of your body.” Medical News Today, explains that “No research has shown that the alkaline diet can raise blood pH. However, some research suggests that an alkaline diet may improve health, though not in the way its supporters claim. Alkaline diets reduce a person’s consumption of fatty and processed meats and encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables. This offers several health benefits.”

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