Why should you get a flu vaccination?

Vaccinations are accurately measured medical doses of antibodies that are injected into the body to prevent numerous diseases. There are different vaccines for various illnesses. The most important vaccines are administered a few months after birth and commonly end after 6-7 years of age. After that, vaccinations are occasionally performed to counter outbreaks of serious seasonal diseases such as influenza.

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is a disease that starts with a mild fever, cold and cough. However, if not tended to, the disease can lead to hospitalization and in some serious cases, death. Basically, flu is a seasonal virus that people are made aware of beforehand so they can get their required dose of the vaccine.

Below is a guide to the flu vaccine and why it’s an important component of sound health.

What is the Influenza Vaccination?

The influenza vaccine is a precise dose of antibodies required by the body to prevent the flu from developing. The vaccine does not provide any guarantee that a person will not be affected by the virus, but increases their power to fight the virus with the help of the antibodies. The influenza vaccine is easily accessible to everyone, since the flu is a common virus that affects both young children and adults.

What kinds of Flu Vaccines are there?

There are two types of influenza vaccines:

  1. Trivalent Flu vaccines, and
  2. Quadrivalent Flu

These vaccines are further divided into

  • The trivalent Flu vaccines: An influenza A (H1N1) virus; an influenza A (H3N2) virus; and an influenza B virus.
  • The quadrivalent Flu vaccines: Protects against four flu viruses, with the addition of an extra influenza B virus.

How often is the vaccination required?

The vaccination should be taken twice a year because of the severe side-effects that the flu carries. Usually, a warning is issued by the local health authority to warn about upcoming infections, since everyone from infants to adults can become sick and require serious treatment.

Why do you need a flu shot every year?

Antibodies do not stay in the body forever. They perform their duties as a shield to prevent the disease from occurring. Therefore, it’s necessary to give them a boost every year for a secure and healthy season.

How does the vaccine affect the body?

As mentioned earlier, the vaccine consists of antibodies that shield the body from harmful diseases. Like other vaccines, the influenza vaccine is taken in advance as a precautionary measure to help the body increase its immunity and fight the disease.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why medical experts recommend that you get a flu shot every year so you can lead a hale and healthy life all year long.


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