Why you should drink more water: health benefits of water

Although water is not the sweetest liquid there is – it is essentially tasteless- it is one of the most important solvents on earth which is why it is known as the universal solvent. In most settings, water is so common that it is overlooked for its numerous health benefits. Research has proven that a lot of minor and even major health issues can be prevented by drinking more water. You can even lose weight by drinking water. Here are some of the health benefits you stand to gain by drinking an appropriate amount of water.

Reduces risk of cancer

Everyone wants to stay cancer-free for their entire lives. One way of reducing one’s chances of getting cancer is by drinking more water. When one drinks more water, they are at a lower risk of contracting colon cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer. By simply drinking more water, one can reduce their risk of bladder cancer by up to 50%.

Prevents obesity

Drinking of water is one of the simplest ways of maintaining a healthy weight. Sometimes, thirst and hunger can be muddled up by the body’s system, and signals of hunger actually mean signals of thirst.

Thus if one stays well hydrated, the tendency to feel false alarms of hunger which is supposed to be thirst is reduced. Drinking a lot of water is a way of reducing one’s appetite and maintaining a healthy weight.

Also, foods that contain a lot of wanted take more time to digest. The prolonged digestion and absorption reduce the frequency of the feeling of hunger.

Improves the health of the skin

When a person takes a lot of water, their skin glows better than persons that drink lesser quantities of water. The improved health of the skin by drinking more water is linked to the prevention of dehydration. Dehydration of the skin makes it look unhealthy. Moisturizers helps to conserve the moisture of the skin and prevent dehydration. Water is a natural moisturizer. Adequate consumption of water also enhances the rate at which sweat is removed from the body. The skin cells are also divided more efficiently when one drinks more water.

 Maintains fluid balance

The human body contains a lot of fluid which ensure the proper functioning of the body, from digestion to circulation of nutrients. Drinking a lot of water maintains the balance of fluid needed for the different systems of the body to function properly and ensures healthier lives. The excretory system, for example, needs water to flush out different waste materials.

Increases quality of life

One’s quality of life is greatly enhanced when they drink a lot of water because the various functions of the body are carried out more efficiently. For example, when a person drinks a lot of water, their bowels and kidneys function better, and the rate of constipation is reduced. With the kidneys functioning efficiently, waste products are removed more efficiently.

Ultimately, drinking of more water is an inexpensive way of maintaining the highest quality of health.


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