Best sources of protein

Protein is one of the most essential classes of food. The essential classes of food are those which the body needs in substantial quantities for proper functioning. Protein, as an essential class of food, is needed for the build up and repair of the different body tissues. The skin and muscle are some of the body systems and tissues that are repaired and built up by the protein from food consumed.

The importance of including proteins in one’s diet can thus not be overemphasized. Although proteins are not stored in the body, they are essential for lean body mass and proper body functioning especially during recovery periods.

Apart from build up and repair of body tissues, protein can also be utilized as a source of energy when glucose is not readily available. Certain biochemical processes convert non-carbohydrate sources of food into glucose to prevent the body with energy when the supply of glucose is low. There are also several sources of protein, some more nourishing than others.

This article covers some of the best sources of protein available, including both plant and animal proteins. Some of the foods on this list are rich both in protein and other essential micro and macronutrients.

Dairy products

Dairy products which include milk, yogurt and cheese are great animal sources of protein. These foods are rich in protein as well as other essential nutrients. Yogurt, for example, also has probiotics which help to build up the immune system. Other essential nutrients of dairy products such as milk include calcium. As a result, milk is essential for the development of bones and teeth especially in the window of active growth.


Beans are both rich in protein and fibers making them essential for build up and repair of tissues as well as proper gastrointestinal functions. Beans is also known to keep one full for a longer period thus a great protein-rich food for persons on a weight loss plan. Beans is a plant source of protein. Beans is also a great source of iron and one of the cheap sources of protein that is readily available.


Seafood are rich in proteins. Seafood also contain fat, although the fat content is very low. Fish is also a great similar source of protein. Persons on very low-fat diets can benefit from the high-protein and low-fat nature of seafood.


Pork is another protein-rich food. Leucine is one of the amino acids that are essential for the proper buildup of the muscles. Pork is a great source of leucine. Persons that undergo intense exercise routines can benefit from the muscle recovery benefits of pork.


Eggs are important sources of protein as they contain a form of protein that can be easily digested by the body. Thus eggs provide protein that body can access readily and is essential for recovery periods when active tissue repair is needed. Eggs can also be easily prepared and taken as snacks, enhancing the accessibility of this type of protein.

There you go! Top sources of protein that are essential dietary components.


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