The health benefits of keeping a clean home

Cleanliness of homes and personal surroundings has been emphasized from time immemorial that one might wonder if there are any health benefits attached to a clean home and surrounding.

A lot of times, the cleanliness of homes are as a result of a person’s preferences and not the health benefits that come with a clean home. Some of the benefits that come with keeping a home tidy are highlighted below.

Less stress and fatigue

Everyone has to deal with clutter every now and then, but when the clutter is continuous, it increases fatigue and stress, as proven by research. Experts have proven that clutter makes a person restless and thus increases stress and fatigue. The thought of coming back to a cluttered home can even increase work stress for a person.

Fewer bouts of infections

The causative organisms of diseases naturally abound in the environment. Thus, they can colonize any place that is suitable for them. Clutter makes a place suitable for disease-causing organisms and one’s homes could be a great habitat for microorganisms if it is not kept tidy consistently.

Certain areas of homes are more suitable for the growth of microorganisms than others, and specific efforts should be put into cleaning those areas and parts of homes. The kitchen is one of the places that can become a hub for different types of microorganisms. From the kitchen, pests and microorganisms, that came with raw foods or that breed in unwashed dishes, can be spread to several other locations.

Bathrooms are another part of homes that need special cleaning attention. Organisms from the gastrointestinal tract can be easily picked up from untidy toilets. A group of infections appropriately tagged toilet diseases can also be picked up from toilets and untidy bathrooms. Cockroaches, houseflies and other pests which are spread diseases are also found in an untidy home as opposed to a tidy home.

When a home is kept clean, the route of transmission of disease for an organism is truncated when it enters the home.

Fewer accidents

One is more likely to get themselves in an emergency room from a home accident when their home is full of clutter. Several homes of home accidents can occur in an untidy and cluttered home, from bumping into open drawers to mistakenly stepping on a knife.

Experts have also stated that the likelihood of a fire accident is greatly reduced when a home is kept clean and clutter-free. Even when fire accidents occur, one can easily escape the fire from a clutter-free home than from a cluttered and untidy home.

Fewer allergies

Allergies are a type of hypersensitivity reaction. Thus, allergies develop when a person is sensitized by an allergen by exposure to it. Untidy homes hold a lot of allergens in places which include carpets, rugs and beddings. The continuous exposure to these allergens worsens allergic reactions which could pose a serious health threat.

It is important to take preventive measures against the different types of diseases, and keeping a clean home is one of such preventive measures.


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