Five Baby Care Tips Every First-time Mother Should Know

Babies are precious, and mothers would give all they have to give their babies the best care and ensure to grow up healthy and active. Young mothers are always seeking ways to get it right in the midst of all the available information. Here are some helpful guides which will come in handy to mothers particularly first-time mothers.


All mothers are concerned about the feeding of their newborns. First-time mothers do not need to fret over making sure their babies are eating well. Mothers should just be always prepared to feed their newborns. Babies usually don’t have regular feeding patterns; they eat at odd times. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies should ensure babies are held right to have enough of the areola in their mouth for optimum feeding and avoidance of sores and latch-on on the mother’s breast. Mothers who feed their babies with formula should ensure the food is well prepared. Leftovers should be discarded at all times. Mothers should do their best to ensure their newborns are fed a reasonable number of times a day but should avoid force-feeding.


Understanding Babies’ Cues

The early days of new-borns are filled with mainly two activities; feeding and sleeping. All babies need a balance of both food and sleep. A baby sleeps for 16 to 20 hours every day, and this is not done in a stretch. Babies communicate their need for food and sleep through body language and crying. It is therefore essential for mothers to listen and watch out for the cues of their babies. Babies will give different signals when they need different things; it is the mother’s duty to pay close attention to the various clues to understand what the baby wants.


Skin-to-skin contact and Baby Soothing

New mothers should make sure they give their new-borns enough skin contact within the first few weeks of delivery to simulate the warmth in the womb. Creating contact similar to the womb also helps in soothing the baby. Babies can be soothed with tunes and lullabies, and creative tricks from mothers. Mothers should, however, be careful doing these tricks, avoid throwing the baby knowing the baby’s limbs are not very strong yet.


The baby’s general well being is a priority for mothers, and the health of babies is affected by the hygiene of the baby. Mothers should ensure to give their babies a proper bath especially when the umbilical cord has fallen off. Mothers should handle babies carefully when bathing them. Choosing the right protective outfit for new-borns is part of healthcare of babies. Mothers should avoid outfits with bows, buttons or other accessories which may be pulled over the baby’s head. New-borns will be protected from Infections and allergens if their rooms and cots are kept clean. Babies should also be kept away from rooms when they are being cleaned and dusted.



A mother has to be healthy and fit enough to care for the baby. First-time mothers should not forget to take care of themselves so that they can care for their baby. Mothers need strength to nurse and care for their babies all day.  Food and rest should be a priority for mothers. A lot of water and the right balance of food is right for nursing mothers. Mothers should sleep well; it is advisable to take naps when the baby is sleeping.  A mother should also endeavor to keep their bodies and clothing clean before handling babies to prevent transmitting the infection to the babies.

New mothers do not need to try too hard to get it right. Mothers should give their babies the best care and seek help when needed.


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