How to Prevent Migraines

Migraines are a severe form of headaches which are usually accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Lots of people are diagnosed with migraines every day. In the U.S, more than 37 million people have been diagnosed, and a lot more have not been clinically diagnosed. People who suffer from migraines are continually looking for ways to reduce the severity of their experiences. Here are some tips which can be considered to prevent migraine episodes.

Manage Eating Habits and Plans

Identifying and cutting down on foods which can cause migraines is an effective way of reducing migraine episodes. Eating foods with magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids helps the body, while preserved food, alcohol, and chocolates which can trigger migraines should be avoided. Also, irregular eating patterns affect blood sugar, and this cause migraines. Therefore, eating well at the right time helps to reduce frequent migraines.

Avoid Stimulants – Loud Noises and Bright Lights

All stimulants should be avoided to prevent migraine episodes particularly bright lights and loud noises. Driving at night, clubs and loud parties, movie theatres and other places /activities which would cause migraines should be avoided.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that women who have more belly fat are more likely to get migraines than those with less belly fat. Losing excess weight to prevent the risks and pains which comes with migraines is a good deal.

Sleep well

The right amount of sleep and rest can help prevent migraine. About seven to eight hours of sleep is appropriate for the body to rest well. Excess sleep is not desirable too because it can also cause a migraine.

Regular Physical Exercise

Low to moderate physical workouts boost moods, reduces inflammation and limits stress build-up and reduces migraine occurrences. Expert advice on how to go about workouts can be gotten from a doctor to avoid complications which would cause migraines.

Migraine Diary

Keeping a diary of migraine episodes and stimulants helps to manage migraine experiences. Early signs which precede migraines can also be tracked in the diary. Once the signs which precede a migraine are identified, the person should stay in a cool, dark and quiet room to rest.  Natural point therapy and drinking water can also help reduce the intensity of migraines after early signs are detected.

Allergy Control

The American Headache Society has, in a recent analysis, concluded that about 33% of people with allergies also have cases of migraines. This conclusion is because the body releases chemicals and substances during allergy reactions which cause headaches. Developing control and proper management of allergies reduces the frequency of migraines.

Weather Forecast

Change in weather also triggers migraines.  A rise in temperature and lightning strikes are common triggers which can stimulate headaches for migraine sufferers. Thus, it is for advisable to know weather forecast to be able to manage and reduce severe migraines at all time.


People who suffer migraines very often can prevent further incidents by taking FDA-approved Botox treatment. Botox treatment for severe migraines was discovered when plastic surgeons discovered people with migraines suddenly had reliefs after Botox treatment. Patients who have been diagnosed with chronic migraines have Botox treatment covered by insurance and take treatments from neurologists.

Other Treatments

Herbs like feverfew and butterbur, and essential oils like peppermint oil and basil oil can also be used to fight migraines.

Seek Medical Help

Professional medical assistance can also be sought to prevent migraines. The medical personnel will help with managing migraines by recommending the right medication and supplements to improve the condition.

The key to preventing severe pains that come with a migraine is paying attention and managing with all the natural and medical options available.


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