Why a healthy digestive system is important for mental well-being

When we use phrases like ’butterflies in the stomach’, it has a literal meaning in that the brain and digestive systems are connected. Whatever we eat is absorbed in our blood, and help feed our brain so it can function properly. Good or bad, every bit of food we eat directly or indirectly affects our mental wellbeing, because the digestive tract affects the brain’s functioning as well. We have all heard ourselves say we’re excited or nervous before an important event – and remember how our nervousness created loads of problems in our stomach, such as nausea, etc.

This shows that mental wellbeing is related to a healthy digestive system. But let’s dig deeper into the matter to understanding the facts and how unhealthy eating can result in harmful mental and emotional effects.

How is mental health linked to the digestive system?

Mental health is related to the digestive system in many ways. When we eat food that is harmful to our body, it directly affects the brain cells. These brain cells refuse to release the chemicals we need for a relaxed and peaceful mind. Using alcohol and tobacco, and eating processed and instant foods is the surest way to increase the risk of physical and mental disease. Simply put, when we eat healthy food that is beneficial to our physical wellbeing, it reflects in our brain’s performance, and vice versa. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy diet – it helps your brain work better.

The mental benefits of a healthy digestive system

Below are mentioned some of the mental and physical benefits of keeping your digestive system healthy:

  1. Fewer mood swings

A healthy digestive system free of toxins and harmful chemicals helps prevent unwanted mood swings that create frustration and anger. The mood swings we commonly experience are often due to toxins we take in the form of instant and processed foods.

  1. Improved the hormonal system

Our body releases several hormones that help us lead a healthy life and keep our brain functioning properly. However, an unhealthy digestive system can cause hormonal imbalances which creates more problems, such as sub-par brain performance and an irregular sleep cycle.

  1. Stronger immune system

Foods such as dates and honey are useful for strengthening the immune system. This allows you to take less medicine and generally feel better.

  1. More energy

Foods that are beneficial for our body’s physical and mental health help boost the energy we use for thinking. The kind of energy that our brain demands for operating properly can only be attained by eating healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

The digestive system is related to mental well-being in a lot of ways. Therefore, to maintain mental wellness, it’s important to eat properly every day.


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