Its Plastic Free July How Living Plastic Free is Better for Your Health

Plastic Free July is a global awareness campaign to mobilize the world to find better solutions to solve plastic pollution. It is a challenge issued to millions across the globe to choose to refuse to use single use plastics during the month of July. Information provided on the website provides resources and challenge ideas during the month of July for individuals and organizations to make a difference in helping to find new alternatives to plastics in order to create new habits that will last forever.

There are numerous benefits to a plastic free lifestyle such as the fact that “less plastic makes us more ecologically aware,” according to Power of We all know that billions of plastic waste clogs up our oceans, lakes and rivers and is harmful to wildlife and our ecosystem. Plastics are also a real threat to human health.

According, “Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, used to make billions of plastic beverage containers, dinnerware, protective linings of food cans and toys, is considered an endocrine disruptor, meaning it can both decrease or increase endocrine activity in humans and cause adverse health effects.”

The website has a few tips for better health for Plastic Free July and beyond:

  • Say no to teabags – Yes, teabags come with a plastic lining…who knew? opt for loose leaf teas instead.
  • Don’t buy individual kid’s juices – Buy a refillable container instead. Store bought juices tend to be filled with sugars and preservatives. Try infused water with fresh fruits as a heathier alternative.
  • Say no to individually wrapped snacks – If you must, buy a bulk portion and make smaller portions as needed to limit the trash. However, healthier snacking is always best. Trade fresh fruits and vegetables for chips and cookies.